Business Source Complete - Effective Searching

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Effective Searching - Business Source Complete

This tutorial will show you how to access and search the Business Source Complete database to find journal articles.

You can use the skills you learn here, to find journal articles on any topic in most Library databases.

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How to use this tutorial

How to access Business Source Complete

We are starting at the A-Z Database list.

• Click B
• Click Business Source Complete
• Enter your username and password
• You are now in Business Source Complete

Note: A-Z Database list is found on the UOW Library homepage.

Selecting Search Words

We are using the following example topic:

Example topic:

"Explore customer satisfaction and demonstrate the advantages and limitations of three different research methods to investigate customer satisfaction"

TIP: Alternative Search Words

In this example, alternative search words may include:
customer experience 
market research
focus groups

Rather than searching only for:

"customer satisfaction"
"research methods" 

We can combine our alternative search words with OR as follows:


“customer satisfaction” OR “customer experience”


“market research” OR “market analysis”


“focus group*” OR survey OR questionnaire

Enter the search words above as shown in this image and click on search

Business Source Complete Search image

Search tips explained

Results Page

How many results did you get?

Refine your search

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On the left hand side of your results you can use "Refine Results" to add some limits to your search, e.g. we may want to only look at Scholarly/Academic Articles from the last five years. 

Tick the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals box and then type 2015 into the first Publication date box.

Refine your search

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Click on some of the results to see details of the full record.

Read through the Subject Terms / Author Supplied Keywords and Abstract, this will give you more suggested search words that you can use for further searching.

Click the back button in your browser to go back to your results page

Reading Full text of an article

To read the full text of an article click on the PDF Full Text link
 PDF Full Text image

If there is no PDF Full Text link you can also click on the Find Full Text link, this will search our resources for the Full Text. 

Finding Company Information

Click on "New Search" at the top left of the screen to go back to the Advanced Search Page.

Change "Select a Field" from the drop down menu to "Company Entity"

Company Entity Image

Enter the Company Name into the search box and click search. In this example we will use the Company "Giordano". 

How many results did you get?

Refine Results

Use the Refine Results limits on the left side of the screen.

Under Source Types tick Academic Journals to limit to Academic articles relating to this company.

Untick Academic Journals and tick Newspapers to see where this Company has been mentioned in the media.


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